2011PP // Explore!

Verona is at the age where she’s starting to explore EVERYTHING.  She wants to squeeze herself into every corner/space/cupboard she can find, she wants to pull all the tupperware out of the cabinet and put it all on her head (several times a day), and as you can see she has recently discovered the dog door.

A lot of the other moms I know talk about this phase like it’s the worst thing since apartheid and for that reason I’ve been dreading it only to find that it’s really really fun!  I adore watching her face light up when she realizes that the magnets will stick on the fridge or that if she hits different things with a stick it will make different sounds.  Yes, I spend a lot of time putting all that tupperware back in the cabinet and that’s not my favorite thing in the world, but the thing I’ve found that I didn’t expect was how much fun pulling it all out really can be when I get down on the floor and do it with her. 

Children are made to learn, explore, and see all the fantastic things in ordinary life that we in our jaded adulthood have long since stopped paying attention to.  As her mother it is my job to show her how to be kind, express herself appropriately, and relate to other people… society at large acknowledges this.  But the big secret behind it all is  that as my daughter it is her job to show me how to be joyous in a way I haven’t in years.


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