Being Present

It is a beautiful gift to be able to be truly present with another person.

My life has never been so full as when I can be truly present with V.  Her little spirit is completely unhindered by anything; when she smiles her whole body overflows with joy, her exuberance for life is mind numbing.  More than her unfettered cheer though, I am consistently in awe of her ability to just be.  Today we played outside in the fallen leaves, as she threw them up in the air or became giddy as they crumbled in her hands it was clear that there was nothing else in the world that existed for her in that moment.  The only things that ever were, are, or will be was the warm sun, the colorful leaves, and the two of us… and in that moment those were the only things that existed for me too.

I lead a truly blessed existance.


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