New and Awesome Things!

It’s Monday again which means, dear reader(s?), it’s time for another installment of SHIT I REALLY LIKE RIGHT NOW!  If you want to play along with Shit I Really Like Right Now (actually it’s called Inspiration Monday… I paraphrased a little) check out Tara’s blog.

Hanukkah just ended (I LOVE HANUKKAH!) and in honor of the festival of lights Matisyahu (I LOVE MATISYAHU) wrote a new Hanukkah song.  He said he was inspired by Adam Sandlers Hanukkah Song but wanted to write one that had a little more to do with the reason for the season.  Also… the video resembles a cross between Mel Brook’s History of the World and an acid trip, so that’s always fun.

Speaking of Hanukkah… for any weirdos like us who do Hanukkah and Christmas (we call it Chrismukkah) I found a website with Chrismukkah music, books, cards… all sorts of fun business.  Anyone care for some kosher eggnog?

Here is a illustrated explanation for why I will never be a real adult, and the nearly apocalyptic results when I try.

My new favorite game ever is Quelf… one of our friends brought it over the other night and it’s basically a great way to force your friends to do fantastic/ridiculous things.  By the end of the game Jesse had donned ninja headgear (Ty’s tie), Josh had built a fort in my kitchen and camped out in it, I had written and recited a hyku about my armpits (They smell really bad.  They have lots of hair and stuff.  They are my armpits.), and Erin had ridden an invisible ostrich in circles.  Yeah… it was that awesome.

Uh… just for good measure I’ll also throw on here another picture of my cute baby… because I really like her right now too.


3 thoughts on “New and Awesome Things!

  1. Erin says:

    I’m glad you really like your baby. 🙂

    Was not a huge fan of Quelf. I did, however, enjoy your Haiku. And the fort was pretty cool… I MISS making forts.

    I love that you guys celebrate Chrismukkah. Hanukkah (and Jewish culture in general) is really beautiful.

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