Everything That’s New

I haven’t posted in a little bit… things have been crazy busy here.  Here is the sparknotes version of what’s been happening around these parts.


We went back to Kansas for Thanksgiving so Verona got to see a bunch of grandparents that she doesn’t usually get to hang out with including 1. Her grandma (my biological mom) the Susan.  2. Her grandpa Boettger.  3. Her great grandma Rodgers.  4. Her grandpa and grandma (my mom through adoption) Hershberger.


5. I finally put up our Christmas tree.  6. The twins turned 2 so I made a cake and Verona got to help me lick the bowl which she very much enjoyed.

7.  We had Hanukkah.  David and I are a strange set of people with a really weird and eclectic set (or lack there of) of beliefs and subsequently we have all sorts of traditions in our family including Chrismukkah.  Chrismukkah is the joy of getting to do doing both Christmas and Hanukkah.  Anyway, Verona’s first Hanukkah came and went, she loved watching David light the candles and listened quietly to us recite the blessings… if she only knew how badly we were butchering the poor Hebrew language.  It’s one of my favorite holidays because I think one of the things most lost in our culture is the ability to look at what appears to be a truly shitty situation and just trust that God will take care of it and provide us with what we need.  Sometimes you just have to lean back and say “God… if you want these candles to keep burning then they will.” 

8. I’ve had some physical problems since having Verona and not only did we (and by we I mean the doctor) figure out what the deal is, it’s also not that serious which makes me happy.

9. David and I in the process of starting a fantastic/exciting/crazy/big/joyful change to our life.  I don’t want to say anymore right now but trust me… it’s something cool.

10.  And finally I am much less stressed, more rested, and healthier than I was in the past couple posts.  Life evened out and things are good again so no more emo bitching from me on here… at least not for a while.


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