Things I Love

It’s Monday, so once again here is a list of the things I’ve been loving the past week.  If you want to play along with Inspiration Monday visit Tara’s blog.   

It was just Thanksgiving so let’s get down with a little turkey day Homestar!

If you’re a fan of sarcasm and satire here is a Pop Song to make your day better. 

It’s getting cold and nothing is cuter than children in adorable little hats.  And more hats.  And another.

Kids these days are not any more selfish, spoiled, or less motivated than kids of previous generations were, no matter what your grandma says. 

I heart good grammar… even if I don’t always have it. 

And finally the thing I’m loving the most today doesn’t have a link to it but we just got back from Kansas visiting my family for Thanksgiving which means V got to do all sorts of new things like play in fallen leaves, crawl around in grass, see snow (albeit only out the car window on the drive there), and play with a bunch of family that she’s never met before.  Here she is playing in my mom’s backyard (that’s our badass tree house in the background) with her daddy.


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