Ugh… today.

Today is a rough one.  It’s a hard day to keep going through full of people who are making it hard to be around them.  Churches full of people who believe some things that make me sad, some things that roll my eyes, and some things that make me downright furious.  Social gatherings full of people telling stories with smiles and delight in their eyes about things that make me cringe and want to exclaim “That’s awful!  Why would you ever be proud of that!”  And plans for the future I thought were already in motion crumbling in my lap… with no one I can talk to about them (not at this second anyway). 

This would have been a rough day normally but Verona has been having really rough nights herself lately and I’ve got a wicked cold so factor in mind numbing sleep deprivation, patience frazzling body aches, and the inability to breath properly at all much less do any sort of deep mindful breathing exercises that would normally help me through this.  And I’ve got a huge calligraphy order from someone that has been piling up (along with everything else) so it’s looking like tonight I’m going to have to pretend I’m in college again and pull an all nighter.

It’s just a rough day… I’ll get through it I know, and I know it could be a whole lot worse… but right now it just sucks and I’m ready for it to be over.


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