What Happens When I’m Good

My uncle is a trucker.  He ended up in Phoenix at the last moment for what we all assumed would be a few hours… just enough time for dinner and to meet his newest little great-niece… it ended up being a day and a half. 

Let me be clear, I love uncle Jim, I am glad he’s here and he (like most of the rest of our family and, to be totally honest, just about anyone else) is always welcome here and we enjoy his presence.  My extended family though, uncle Jim being no exception, are really good people which means when I’m around them I have to pretend to be a really good person too (think, all the things I try to tone down in front of the kids, but never being able to do them at all… not even when they’re sleeping or in the other room).  No off-color jokes, no giving David the finger when he makes an off-color joke (which when we’re with family I spend most of my time worrying that he will), no yelling at the dog to stop being an asshole… basically it’s just 24/7 being a completely different person. 

I don’t mind it because I don’t see my extended family all that often and I’m convinced the charade is worth the effort, but it is exhausting in the worst way.  While I continue to be happy to see him and honestly wish he could stay longer, between Verona deciding today was a ‘no nap day’, David deciding it was a ‘I’m never going to stop playing video games’ day, and trying my damndest darndest to be good I am so drained right now I could fall asleep standing up. 

Being good is hard, why would anybody ever want to do this full-time?


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