Corndogs, Ferris Wheels, and Livestock… Oh my!

State Fair time!  My friend Kristen invited us to go to the Fair yesterday with her, her daughter Jordan, and her sister Kelsey. I’ve never been to the Fair before (something none of them could fathom) but it was so fantastic!  I won some stuffed animals for Verona, petted some animals, and road rides so fast I swore my greasy/gross/delicious Fair food was about to make a reappearance.


Ferris wheel, a sausage the size of my arm covered in grilled peppers and onions, funnel cake, and more ferris wheel.  


My kid with a llama and my kid with a kid, Kelsey won a bear by using Verona as a good luck charm, and some prizes. 

I took Verona on the carousel, as soon as that pony started going up and down and round and round her face lit up like the fourth of July… I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so happy!


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  1. Lynne says:

    You won—-you won—you won!!! Send me your email address to so I can hook you up with Brenna (sutara’s four panel banner!) YOU ARE LUCKY!!!!

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