Belly Henna

My friend Kristen came over yesterday so I could henna her big giant baby belly. 

She’s 34 weeks pregnant with their second child and so big and round it makes me jealous!  I loved being pregnant, I mean LOVED it.  I had the easiest pregnancy anybody could ever ask for; I wasn’t sick at all, I popped right away so I skipped that whole ‘is she pregnant or just fat?’ stage, and for the first time in my life I just felt completely gorgeous every single day.  Every morning when I woke up I loved my body even more than the day before, everything about it was fabulous and I spent the whole 9 months feeling like the cutest girl on the planet.  The easiest pregnancy ever was brought to a conclusion with the hardest birth ever, but none the less… if there is ever some catastrophic event that makes repopulating the world a necessity I will be the first one to raise my hand and volunteer to pop out babies until my ovaries shrivel up and die from over use. 

Kristen and I took the little girls out for lunch then got to work when they took their afternoon nap.  While I worked I could feel little baby Sonia inside her squirming around, kicking and punching, I wondered was she trying to say hello to the world?  Telling us she couldn’t wait to meet us?  Or maybe just telling me to quit drawing on her home?

It was one of those little moments that reminds you of how precious every second is, and how magical the world and life is.  We don’t notice that enough I think.


One thought on “Belly Henna

  1. just gorgeous!
    i’ve done henna with friends on our hands and random places for a bride-friend once, but gosh….that’s beautiful.
    and so is her belly:)

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