Things I’m Loving Today

It’s Monday so here are a few more things that I’m loving.

1. The video game Monsters… there are very few games David and I can play together so when we find one it makes me happy. 

2. A million new (and free) crochet patterns

3. I’m still lovin’ on Michael Franti… here’s another great song of his.

4. It’s 10am and I totally haven’t put on clothes yet, in my book that makes today a little awesome already.

5.  My wonderful daughter and husband in their Halloween costumes last night.  🙂

6. The fact that election season is almost over. 

7. A couple of my favorite blogs, The Organic Sister, Family of Movers, Walk Slowly Live Wildly, and for some gut busting hilarity Hyperbole and a Half

What are you loving today?


4 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving Today

  1. Thanks for sharing the love. You made my heart happy! I hear you about election season—I have 118 channels of nothing on at this campground and every commercial is either prescription meds or election stuff. and I can’t vote in this state.

  2. haha my stepdad and i were just talking about the ridiculous commercials – slandering politicians or big pharma. we tend to mute commercials. too bad you can’t mute people the same way. 😉

    love the franti song btw. i almost linked it this week. great minds. 😉

  3. We don’t watch TV hardly ever (Netflix is another story) so I’m spared the commercials, I get sick of people coming to my door, leaving things on my door, the signs on the side of the streets that always manage to be blocking my view when I’m trying to pull out onto a main road, and having to deal with armfuls of flyers that come in the mail everyday.
    But it’s over now! Hurray!

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