Happy Halloween everybody!  Halloween is my favorite holiday and I have been looking forward to this one in particular since the moment I found out I was pregnant as this glorious day gets exponentially better when you have your own kids to dress up.  We had four straight days of Halloween activities and parties ending tonight when us and our friends did our Halloween tradition, going to Olive Garden for dinner in costume. 

We have the best group of friends.  We talk all the time about selling everything we own and roaming the country in an RV, or doing voluntary service overseas through the church, but when it comes down to it we have such an awesome group of people here, not just our friends but a whole diverse and tight-knit little community… it’s exactly the kind of environment we want to raise Verona in so we stay.

I found this gorgeous Indian dress at a thrift store that I couldn’t pass up, Verona was a little peacock, and David was one of the road warriors (remember Mad Max?  Mel Gibson in the late 70’s early 80’s?) 

In other news, our dog Barney has gotten even fatter in the last 635 days as his dinosaur costume that he’s been wearing every Halloween since we got him will no long reach around his middle.


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