Some Friendly Introductions

In the unlikely event that someone feels the need to immerse themselves in my nondescript and oh so common existence by reading this, in the interest of being polite, some introductions are in order. 

Who you’ll probably meet in this blog:

My name is Jenna.  I am a reader/writer/artist/student of the world/tuna melt eater/poopy diaper cleaner/wine drinker/continual seeker of the divine and whatever that may entail/sleep desirer/curry lover/dog cuddler/all around weird0 who swears too damn much and has a deep love of sarcasm.

I am married to David who is a ginger/obsessive cleaner/nursing student/beer enthusiast/complete and total video game addict/foodie/introvert/movie lover.

We are the parents of 7 month old Verona who is hilarious/squirrely/incredibly social/cuddly/freakishly happy/a cloth diaper wearer/hair yanker and is eating Cheerios off the kitchen floor next to me as I type this.  (It’s ok… David mopped earlier.)

We also have 2.5 dogs.  Daisy is a pitbull mix/cuddle whore/whiner/our firstborn/picky eater that we got at a shelter when she was a little puppy.  Barney is a basset hound mix/freakishly enormous/possibly morbidly obese/Verona’s bff and is retarded.  I don’t say that in a derogatory way, Barney is actually mentally handicapped.  If he was a kid in your third grade class he would have been the one eating glue all though arts and crafts time.  Banana is our little old homeless man.  I found him wandering around outside Walgreens and brought him home with the intention of taking him to a shelter only to find that every shelter in the city if full and nobody will take him.  Banana is ancient/arthritic/senile/tiny, fluffy, and white with bladder control issues and bad teeth.

We share a house with our friend Josh and his twin girls.  Josh is blunt/single/funny/unemployed/both a chain smoker and chain beer drinker.  The twins are unruly/fantastic sleepers/gingers/Verona’s biggest fans/bad at listening to adults.

That’s who we are.  If anybody ever reads this… introduce yourself.  Who are you?


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