In the beginning…

In the beginning I decide to start things. Sometimes these things are writing in journals, sometimes they are diets, sometimes they are starting my day out with yoga, crocheting a blanket, or quitting swearing. I do these things with relentless enthusiasm for a period of time and then end up with empty notebooks, mac and cheese, procrastinating getting out of bed, 1/3rd of a blanket, and being fucking pissed about it.

I am going to start writing in this blog. I am also going to start not being so pissed off at myself when I inevitably go back to being regular me instead of “awesome and productive me” that all of the things I start are really aiming at… meaning I’m going to try and not hate myself when I quit this too.

Oh, and I’m going to start not being so boring, for the sake of any poor soul who may stumble across this.

Welcome to my blog.


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